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Siding and Windows NJ

Replacement windows need to be affordable, energy efficient and durable to have a long lifespan. Make sure your new windows are air-tight to keep out the winter winds, but at the same time are able to be easily opened to receive the summer breeze.

There are multiple reasons why you may be in need of window replacements. We recently asked consumers why they were considering replacing their windows to find out how we can better service our customer’s needs.

Don’t let the name Window Place Plus fool you, we also professionally install quality new door systems for your home. We carry entry doors to cover any style front door you may want. Our high quality products are installed by our expert installation team for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Window Place Plus is proud to handle the needs of customers throughout the Tri-State area and can handle everything from customization, delivery and door installation!

At a free in-home consultation, we provide you with a no-obligation estimate of what it will cost for you to reside your entire home. We will walk you through the process – from picking out the material your siding will be made out of to the color and style.

Our expert team of professionals has decades of experience in the exterior remodeling of a home. They are detail-oriented in their final walk through around the house to make sure everything has been assembled correctly. We guarantee our work and the products we install because both are always high quality.

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